Welcome to AromaOrchard!

A blog about Aromatherapy where we connect the scents of aromatic plants to your soul.

I am Sheetal Wathodkar, the blogger behind this blog. I am an Artist perfumer and Aromatherapist.

I help individuals who want to reduce the chemical overload and bring in more natural and holistic alternatives to take care of their Mind, Body and Spirit.
Do you feel stressed, overworked, less energetic and have sleepless nights ?

Are You worried about the products that you put on your skin ?

Overwhelmed and confused with the plethora of information available for free over the internet ?

Struggling to read through the labels of Cosmetic products ?

Spending a lot of money in trying every product sold as Natural, Herbal etc . Some products work and some don’t.

If you answered Yes to any or all of these questions then you are in the right place.  In this is blog, you will find information about various essential oils, their benefits and simple ways and recipes to include these essential oils in our everyday routine ( for Mind, Body & Soul). I will also share learning from my own healing journey. Healing our emotional self is a key to healing our physical self.

Excited and want to know about How aromatherapy can help you ? Start here

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